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Florence Biennale 2023

First Design Award


We have participated in the international exhibition “I Am You. Individual and Collective Identities in Contemporary Art and Design" which took part in Florence, being invited by the founder of Florence Biennale, Pasquale Celona. We participated in the category of Industrial and product Design, having chosen to present three of our projects.  We exhibited a Bar Cabinet made of American Oak, a modern minimal lined desk carrying hidden drawers and moreover a Sideboard decorated with geometrical marquetry and bronze elements.

We were nominees for our creations and the "Leonardo da Vinci" International Award (Design) on the competition held during the Exhibition being assesed by an intenationally known committee. The members of the committee are outstanding figures in the world of Art and Design internationally renowend, who assessed the participants' projects for the category of both Art and Design.

Our Studio was First Prize awarded the -Leonardo da Vinci award- for Design, which is a great distinction both for us on a personal basis and Greek Design internationally, as well.



With our specialization in the design of products and services but also the know-how that we have acquired through our existing portfolio in the processing and implementation of special constructions, we transform your idea into a tangible product.


We laser cut and laser engrave your designs into a wide range of materials. Laser cutting is the ideal production process for small and big  quantities of objects - products, with precision in detail and emphasis on quality, which corresponds to any type of material, such as wood, leather, fabric, paper, acrylic materials, and so on.


We design your idea in search of the aesthetic perfection of each object - product that is to be produced. We are guided by functionality and ergonomics, keeping in mind the needs of the market, new trends, competition and production costs. In this way we create useful objects of impeccable aesthetic and practical value.