Design and construction of a solid oak chiffonier

Design and construction of solid oak chiffonier. The design was based on the combination of aesthetic harmony and usability of the object. The inspiration was triggered by the Scandinavian design style, which is dominated by the philosophy of less is more. Thus, the lines and forms of the furniture are clear and simple. We designed a piece of furniture that, in addition to elegance, also emphasizes its functionality as a storage space, since in Scandinavian design special emphasis is placed on well-designed storage spaces. For this reason, the construction features four large drawers made of birch plywood, the metope of which is lined with oak veneer. In fact, the entire structure is lined with oak veneers that have been "paired" in such a way that the wood grain moves on uninterrupted. Oak was chosen because it is a very durable and robust piece of wood and because of its colour, since the shades dominating the Scandinavian style are simple, natural and tie harmoniously with the environment. The main structure is based on solid legs, which also follow the same design lines. In addition, the knobs are made of this particular kind of solid timber. The final creation was finished with matte (non yellowing) acrylic varnishes.