Busy board

Design and construction of a  busy board - sensory board

The interactive activity board, also known as a busy board, is an educational tool designed to promote children's development through fun and activities. It is a board composed of sensory, motor and visual objects, such as buttons, locks, mirrors and others, by which young learners can interact effectively. The busy board is designed to provide children with a safe and creative medium by which they can develop skills such as gesture, motor development, fine moving skills and attention. Each object fitted on the board involves a unique activity or function that children can explore. The different construction activities promote object recognition, sensory development (such as sight and touch), exercise of hand and finger muscles, and promote slight moving skills and concentration. Through these activities, it encourages neurological and social skills while enhancing the children's imagination and creativity. We designed the board to provide a variety of different objects and mechanisms. We tried to choose objects of different textures, colours and sounds to provide diversity and a sense of discovery. Each busy board is handmade of high quality plywood, with completely safe and non-toxic materials and painted with certified water colors that are friendly for children.