Arc food menu

Food menu construction for "Arc"

This catalogue was created in collaboration with Sowl Creative Studio. The designs we were commissioned with, included the construction of a cover of special dimensions with a leather spine. So, we had to invent a way to tie these two materials in a unnoticeable way, to give the impression that leather and wood make a whole. The first step of the procedure, was to line the plywood with oak imbued veneer. After that, we carried on with the plywood proccess, by means of laser cutter available, in order to cut both front and back covers of the catalogue and finally engrave the shop logo on them. Further down, with the help of a router, we opened up a groove in the wood grain so that the leather spine could be inserted and held together, with decorative truks in black. Another specification of the catalogue is that there are two holes in the cover, so that the metal binder mechanism, which was used to accommodate the pages of the catalogue, could pass through. Finally, despite the black color of the veneer, the catalogue was imbued in black watercolor paint to put extra emphasis on the wood grains.