Extendable dining table

 Construction of an extandable dining table

This construction was completed according to the design provided by the customer. The choice of oak in two forms (solid and veneer) contributed to its final result. The dining table lid is decorated with a modern marquetry of premium quality veneer 1mm thick. The end grains of the table have been "knitted" with the brick bond technique, which offers an elaborate visual effect. The two extendable parts of the table are supported by 4 heavy-duty mechanisms as well as special shutters ensuring the trouble-free use of the product with or without its extension. The diameter of its round surface is 140 cm while its height is 75 cm so that it accommodates 6 people, when the extension is added- it accommodates 8 diners and is formed in 140 * 190 cm. The legs of the construction follow an absolute geometric shape matching with the specially designed joint made of acacia wood. The construction is finished in acrylic matte varnish (non yellowing)