Food menu made of rattan

Laser processed food menu

Demanding catalogue construction with Viennese webbing. This project was made in cooperation with the graphic design agency Small Studio, who undertook the design of the catalogue and entrusted us with its production. It was a challenging construction, since the main idea was to highlight the webbing. As for the structure of the catalogue, it consists of four plywood "windows" cut with the laser cutter available. These windows have been treated in such a way so as to accommodate the webbing in between using the lamination technique. The Viennese rattan is also the spine of the catalogue, since it connects the two panels that have been created. The cover of the catalogue is laser engraved with the shop's logo. Its edges have been covered with velour sticker, which serves both aesthetic and functional purposes, as it does not allow it to fray. The binding of the pages is handcrafted the traditional way, i.e. by sewing the pages.