Fine sparkling wine packaging

Packaging design and construction

In this project we were commissioned to design and manufacture two wine packages. Our goal during the design was to include all the factors that were requested and satisfied by means of design. The packaging should protect the product during transport, and could also be stored and stacked in a carton while also being presentable on a shelf, wlhile easily produced in large quantities. For all the above reasons ,we used carton cylinders which were made in a specific dimension to accommodate all potential types of customer's bottles. Specially treated with the laser cutter in our workshop birch plywood was used for both bottoms and lids. For its first version, we used Oak veneer with a special coating on the back (fleece) carrying the customer's logo engraved on it. Through the laser cutter tecnique applied, we have managed to cut a ribbon hugging the packaging all over it . The packaging accommodates a wide range of wines available (white, rose, red wines). Alternatively,we have used an attachment to our laser machine that allows us to engrave and cut into circular objects. For this particular packaging, we have created a window of cut patterns which redefine the internal label of the bottle. A leather strap has been added to the cap which functions both aesthetically and practically, i.e. easier opening. The packaging accommodates the new sparkling wine Kydonitsa of Papagiannakopoulos winery which is among the finest sparkling wines. Papagiannakopoulos winery is located in Nemea, Corinth and has won many awards, the most recent being among the 50 Greatest Greek wines. (