Custom construction of a Photo booth

Design and construction of a Photo booth

With this demanding project, we constructed a Photo Booth to meet a photographer's requirements.  The photo booth box was constructed from birch plywood as well as solid Greek walnuts. To support the box we designed a tripod from scratch. Our goal ,during the design process, was to create both a handy and functional object. The construction started with the composition of the material ,for which we laminated our two main materials, namely, solid wood and plywood. In this way we created both the legs and the linkage which is the main accessory of the tripod. This particular link is the result of careful design as it carries a mechanism to adjust the angle of the legs and at the same time stabilize them. In addition, it carries a socket that accepts the photo booth box while simultaneously adjusting the rotation of the structure and its stabilization. The construction has been finished with polyurethane matte varnishes. This construction is a professional equipment for ,thus a special study was carried out which combines both aesthetics and  usability of a functional object. This project has come out of pure carpentry because it mostly requires woodworking. The use of our laser cutter was indispensable for all the hidden fasteners as well as the molds of the structure.