Bespoke office furniture

Design and construction of office furniture

Custom creations for the event planning office "The Bride Sight". Design and construction of a modern console accommodated to the reception office area. The console consists of the main frame, which has on its perimeter a repeating pattern. This semi-circular pattern creates the illusion of a single and uninterrupted surface, while in reality the structure carries two drawers, which open with hidden self closing mechanisms. The legs of the structure are made of metal, likewise the crossbars that connect the legs. The metal was thoroughly worked in such a way that the construction gives the impression of cast iron. The console has been finished with matte lacquer in blue,  following the clients request, as the opposite office wall is painted in the same color. Finally, the surface of the furniture is adorned with first quality white Naxos marble with all-white crystalline which is the main characteristic of this specific variety. The marble creates a contrast with the color of the furniture but gives it elegance and timelessness. The second construction concerns a coffee table, which we made based on a design given by the client. The form of the table is formed by two semi-circular metal frames ,that means, its main surface and a shelf. These two frames are supported by three cylindrical metal legs which carry special supports inside them to accommodate the corresponding marble. The structure has been finished in automotive gold-tone paint, where a warm color looking like gold contrasts and complements a cool material as of marble. For the needs of the photo shoot, we collaborated with the store "PAPAHATZIS HOME" ( ), which provided us with the decorative vases we used as props during the photo shoot.