Vietnam International Café Show 2023

Design and construction of coffee presentation trays

Design and construction of solid oak coffee equipment and presentation trays for a Barista competition held in Vietnam. The client was a competitor in the Vietnam International Café Show 2023 and gave us specifications for the design and creation of four coffee presentation trays,as well as a tray where the necessary tools for coffee making will be placed on, the equipment tray. The main idea was to create a pattern on the tray, so that it would not be a boring and flat surface. We chose to use a combination of materials with an emphasis on the contrast of their natural colors. Thus, through processing with a special cutting tool, we created a "pyramid" pattern on the top half of the trays, which gives a sense of perspective while adding prestige and simplicity. Throughout the surface of the presentation trays, there are holes for the placement of the necessary items for serving and presenting the coffee. More analytically, it carries pockets for bottle and water glass, spoons, the coffee cup and  a napkin pocket. The presentation tray also carries a removable pedestal of the same pattern, on which beans of different varieties of coffee are placed, as well as an explanatory text engraved in Plexiglas. On the sloping part of the pedestal, space is provided for a printout showing elements desired by the contestant. As for the equipment and brewing tray, it also bears the same pattern and has compartments for the tools to be used by the contestant during the test. Thus, the tray includes holders for precision scales, dispensers, Porterfilters, Distributors and Tamper.  Inside each case there is a decorative terrazzo textured tile in a green shade that contrasts with the color of the wood. Finally, the tray is fitted with a special solid brass construction for placing a towel. The structures have specific predefined dimensions and are finished with acrylic matte varnishes. The photo shoot took place in the always welcoming space of Wisedog in Larissa.