Bespoke Photo Booth

Construction of Photo Booth made of oak

Custom made Photo Booth construction, according to the specifications and designs provided by the photographer. The Photo Booth box, is made of plywood lined with oak veneer. Its form is rectangular carrying semi-circular corners, where a special way of cutting the plywood was applied. The technique used allows the wood to curve naturally. The box has an adaptable camera mount. The base can also be adjusted in height, but after applying special regulations , it also allows the photographer to adjust how close the lens of the camera can be to the hole, allowing it to move back and forth. It also has a special slot for a tablet that is placed in order to accommodate the handling of the Photo Booth. Moreover, it also carries a vent made of gold plexiglass that has been laser-cut, in case additional equipment is placed inside the box, such as a digital photo printer. For reasons that serve the functionality of the box, there is a door at the back of the same form made of the same wood, which is secured with a lock. To support the box we designed a photographic tripod. The tripod is entirely made of solid oak, with simple and clean lines. The base of the tripod, where the box is placed, has been handmade from solid timber plywood. This adds both to its aesthetics and stability. As for the legs, their opening is adjusted by special straps made of leather, which are held in place by a brass ring in the center of the tripod. The finish of the construction was made with polyurethane matte (non yellowing) varnishes.