Demanding Photo Booth construction

Construction of a Photo Booth made of oak and mirrored plexiglass

Demanding Photo Booth construction made of flexible plywood lined with oak veneer. The Photo Booth was constructed for the -Make a Memory Studio- who provided us with a series of sketches of the project they wished us to implement. It is a multi-dimensional project, as the construction consists of circular forms, where both the construction of particular molds and simultaneously combination of different materials is required. The main body of the construction is oval shaped yielding a hollow space for the detachable cylinder where the camera and laptop are housed. The interior is designed in such a way, so as to accommodate a printer, while its side carries a matching slot for photos being developed. On its back side, a door with a lock has been formed and cut to provide access to the printer and the electronic parts of the construction. Finally, its front has been designed and constructed to allow space for the installation of a LED strip. As for the cylinder adjusted onto the body of the Photo Booth is circular shaped in a 50cm diameter, providing exact spaces to mount both the camera and the laptop, as well. The camera base is constructed in such a way as to allow the camera to move back and forth in order to fit or remove the lens from its relative opening. It communicates with the body of the structure through a hole in the base, through which connecting cables of the photographic equipment pass through. Additionally, on its front it bears special paths where LED strips are mounted. To seal the cylinder, a special cap has been constructed to fit inside the cylinder. Finally, it carries a hole for mounting an external flash. On both parts of the construction, thorough study has been conducted for a bronze-coloured mirrored Plexiglass to be placed, following the forms of the components. The legs on which the Photo Booth rests are metal and embrace it, since they penetrate the structure through slots, giving the feeling of floating. Polyurethane varnishes have been used for the finish. All the necessary tasks carried out such as: the use of laser cutters, the linings, the carpentry work etc. have been processed and completed at our workshop so that the customer receives a flawless final product. Moreover, provision has been made for the replacement of any separate spare part in case of damage or wearing down.