Papagiannakopoulos Winery Sign

Design and construction of wooden light sign

Design and construction of the wooden illuminated sign for the Winery "Papagiannakopoulos wines". Our idea during the design stemmed from the form of the barrels in which the wine is matured. So we constructed by means of traditional carpentry techniques a central ring of solid wood, on which a layer of transparent plexiglass and a layer of natural plywood have been glued. Moreover, the Winery logo has been laser cut and engraved on it. The plexiglass has been sanded with very fine sandpaper to give the impression of sandblasted glass. This also yields a more atmospheric lighting. The illumination is created by a waterproof (for outdoor use) warm-coloured led strip. The sign has been finished with a matte acrylic glaze and hungs on steel chain.