Buffet with Geometric Pattern

Design and construction of illuminated buffet

Design and construction of certain period piece of furniture in a modernised version, however. The whole project refers to Mid Century Modern movement muching some Art Deco elements. The structure of the construction follows simple lines, which contrast with the changing geometric pattern that adorns the doors and its ornated legs. The buffet as a whole is made of solid Iroko wood. Within the pattern on its doors, hidden grooves have been created in order to insert plexiglass pieces of the same shape. We have used different colours of plexiglas, red green and black to create contrast. Another peculiarity of the furniture is that it is internally illuminated by an RGB LED strip, where the multicolour of the strip combined with the different plexiglas colours give a stunning visual effect. The construction has been finished with silicone matte wax, which makes it waterproof protecting the wood and at the same time adding a natural effect giving the impression of being wet.