Wooden airplane toy

Design and construction of an airplane toy 

Design and construction of a toy in the shape of an airplane. Since it is a toy, we wanted to add to the design a vintage aesthetic so it has been painted in the appropriate way. The toy was designed for toddlers who are just starting to walk. It was entirely handcrafted from okoumé plywood and solid beech timber, where necessary. All edges of the construction are specially treated to prevent any injury to the user. The materials used are completely safe and non-toxic. The construction is hand painted with the help of stencils in certified water colors that are friendly for children. The chair has been fitted with a special material that absorbs vibrations and is covered with a rough cotton fabric. The wheels have been lined with rubber around the perimeter to allow smooth movement of the toy. In addition, it was made under the rules following the thorough study while designing it, so that it prevents tripping over.