Architectural Model Melissa-Kikizas

Design and construction of an architectural model

At first, we focused thoroughly on the architectural plans of the factory and then we shaped them into the 1/250 scale, which adequately describes the structural elements of the new wing. Based on the architectural plans of each facade, we digitized the cutting plans that make up each building installation and the floor plan, including the structural details for laser engraving. Then, after several tests and trials, we moved on tο laser cutting /engraving the required parts in a 4mm thick birch. In this way, each building volume was constructed, while the silos were handcrafted by turning on solid beech wood, which carry engraved structural details, too.

The project presents the already existing facilities of the factory, but emphasis on the new wing was demanded to put on. Thus, we used the particular colors of the corporate identity, to pinpoint the new mills and silos.
The exact materials, which show of the details, are the following:
-transparent plexiglasss for the windows
-red, white and blue plexiglasss for corporate signs
-vinyl (corporate labels)
- diorama powder in green color (grass in the flower beds of the factory)

The model's footing was made of solid oak wood, while the transport and storage box comes in oak lined plywood while its frame is built with solid beech wood. Finally, the transparent plexiglasss on both sides of the box allows the model to stand out even through the box frame, as an exhibition showcase.