Wine Packaging Papagiannakopoulos Winery

Design and construction of wooden packaging

Our main concern in the construction of this item, was the design of a packaging that would highlight the product and at the same time guarantee its safe transport abroad. We used solid oak for the base, a kind of wood that is directly linked to the winery and the manufacture of aging barrels, and birch plywood for the rest of the packaging. The upper part of the packaging is composed with layers, with its outer shape of a square with rounded corners, while the inside follows the shape of the bottle. These layers are joined together by means of dowels which are fitted in at certain distances. The peculiarity of this design is that the identity of the wine is immediately visible but at the same time there is a playful mood on the shadows created by its layers. Agiorgitiko, for which the packaging was designed, is a dry red wine produced in Nemea, characterised for its aromas of strawberry, cherry and forest fruits.