Air Force maquetry emblem

Design and construction of a marquetry emblem 

In this project marquetry was promted by the emblem of a squadron of the Air Force.Several types of veneers were used ιn this project such as: oak, walnut, iroko, paduk etc for the marquetry. The different shades of the veneers attribute to the emblem of the squadron rendering details. In addition, plexiglas bronze coated was used to give credence to the engraved dictum.

Marquetry is the technique which involves cutting (by hand or with a laser cutter) and assembling small and complex plywood/veneers with different colors and grains. It can also mingle additional noble materials such as tortoise shell, copper leaves, bronze, pearl, plexiglas, etc. By means of marquetry technique we can fabricate an image, a geometric shape or other decorative elements on any solid surface. It can add value on wooden surfaces such as furniture, musical instruments as well as on any customized creations.