Metal bar station

Design and construction of a metal Bar station

This project was created according to the design suggested by the client. The station is based on the combination of two heterogeneous materials, metal and American red oak. The frame of the cabin was entirely handmade of sheet metal painted in turquoise. Around the perimeter of the sheet metal arches, strained iron has been welded to give the sheet of the metal this almost semi-circular shape. On the top of this piece of furniture a strained iron "rack" has been mounted in order to hang wine glasses.In fact, it holds 12 glasses. Just below it, a drinks cellar made of lined veneer in MDF and solid oak timber follows, which could hold up almost 15 bottles. In addition, three drawers made of plywood have been added, while their fronts are made of MDF lined with the same veneer. The mechanisms used for the drawers are push open ones avoiding the use of knobs. The wooden parts of the construction have been finished with acrylic matte glaze ( non yellowing).