Products with laser treatment

Laser cutting & engraving specimens

Our studio specializes in custom construction, design and laser processing services. Machines for processing various materials are available at our workshop , and our most favorite material is wood. Our studio's laser cutter can cut and engrave a wide range of materials such as plywood, solid wood, leather, plexiglass and many more. Our ability to capture your idea and transform it into a final product, will positively surprise you. Our philosophy is focused on presenting a perfect and flawless final result. Keychains, promotional goods, packaging or architectural model cuts are just a very small variety of applications that our machine can process while the material options are unlimited. Our expertise , after years of involvement with cnc laser technology , can carry out even the most demanding application . Typical examples of demanding applications are the laser engraving of Zimbabwe granite , one of the hardest commercial stones , and laser cutting of frames for stained glass . Our ability to design your idea , gives us the flexibility to make every possible change to achieve and fulfill the desired result you can imagine. If you have already designed your idea , we can take over the actualization of it.